North Patrol

north patrol

North Patrol Division
4014 Union
St. Louis, Mo 63115

   5th District
   6th District


Major John Hayden

Commander of North Patrol

Major John Hayden joined the Metropolitan Police Department as a Police Officer on February 23, 1987. After graduating the Academy he was assigned to the Fourth District. He also was assigned to the Vice/Narcotics Division, Fourth District Detective Unit and the Police Academy.

Major Hayden was promoted to Sergeant on May 17, 1995 while assigned to the Police Academy. After being promoted he was transferred to the Sixth District and transferred to the Police Academy.

Major Hayden was promoted to Lieutenant on December 2, 1998 while assigned to the Police Academy. While in the rank of Lieutenant he was also assigned to the Sixth District, Central Patrol Division, Central Patrol Detective Bureau and the Office of the Chief of Police.

On April 12, 2006, Lieutenant Hayden was promoted to Captain. He was assigned to the Internal Affairs Division, Eighth District and Fifth District.

On September 30, 2015 Captain Hayden was promoted to Major and assigned to the North Patrol Division.

Major Hayden has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Washington University and a Master’s degree in Management from Fontbonne College.