Crime Analysis Unit

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Crime Analysis Unit


The CrimeAnalysis Unit was established in July of 2007 after a successful pilot project. The unit consists of a manager, three civilian analysts and a commissioned police officer. Highly trained, these analysts have nearly 40 years of combined experience in crime analysis, intelligence analysis, geographic information systems and geographic profiling. Two analysts have received the highly regarded title of “Certified Law Enforcement Analyst” through the International Association of Crime Analysts(IACA), making the SLMPD one of only six departments internationally to have more than one of the 58 CLEA certified analysts.

The analysts are responsible for both tactical and intelligence analysis. There is a crime analyst assigned to each of the SLMPD’s six police districts. The analyst is responsible for reading all crime reports for their assigned geography, analyzing that data, recognizing patterns, trends, and series hidden within those crime reports, and then communicating that information to the police commanders in the respective districts.

CAU1Crime and Intelligence Analysts are additionally responsible with assisting in long-term cases. Their responsibility mainly involves doing research, charting, organizing, and bringing to light links and relationships buried in the various sources of data presented to them.