In January 2017, the SLMPD created Intelligence Division’s Gun Crime Intelligence Center (GCIC). The GCIC uses ALL recovered shell casings and crime guns (guns used in crimes) to investigate and/or support investigations involving gun crimes, with the goal of identifying and prosecuting violent offenders/active shooters.

How it Works

When shell casings and crime guns are recovered and submitted to the Department’s Lab, Forensic technology (NIBIN) is used to generate report, if the recovered item has associations to other shootings and/or shots fired. The report may include associations that cross districts and jurisdictions.

GCIC detectives review/process each report, prepare a summary of all incidents indicated on the report, provide coordinated responses to the involved investigators and work with local and federal prosecutors to remove violent offenders/active shooters from our streets.

How the GCIC Can Help

The primary outcome of a CGIC is the identification of armed violent offenders for investigation and prosecution. Other outcomes include the identification of crime gun sources, efficient resource allocation, providing decision makers with the most accurate crime data available, and increasing case closure rates, public safety, and the prevention of violent crime committed with firearms.

Gun Crimes Intelligence Center

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