Property Custody Division
Firearm Instructions for the Circuit Court

To have a firearm returned, the following steps must be completed:

1. The claimant should completely fill out this affidavit form.The form should describe the firearm(s), and the circumstances which caused the firearm to be in the police department custody. Proof of ownership also is required for the return of any firearm. A copy of the Sheriff’s permit, bill of sale, or store receipt will satisfy this requirement. If neither of these items can be provided, then include in the affidavit how you came to own the weapon. Examples include: firearm was a gift, inherited from family member, or no longer has paperwork.

2. If the firearm was reported lost or stolen by another agency, other than the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, then a copy of that agency’s police report and a signed letter of release on their department’s letterhead is required. Note, an agency that reported the firearm stolen has the first claim to the firearm. If an agency elects to seize the firearm, you will need to contact that agency to retrieve your firearm.

When all steps have been completed, all paperwork should be either emailed, or mailed back to Property Custody.


Phone:                   (314) 444-5540

U.S. Mail:               St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

                              ATTN: Property Custody Division

                              1915 Olive Blvd.

                              St. Louis, MO 63103

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