Unsolved Homicides

The members of our Homicide Division work countless hours to solve arguably some of the most heinous crimes. Often the best clues and most helpful physical evidence are gathered in the hours immediately after the crime. As time goes by, cases become more difficult to solve. Additionally, individuals believe that the little information they have is not important or that investigators might already have the information.

As cases are added to this page, we encourage anyone with any information, no matter how small it seems, to contact our Homicide Division or CrimeStoppers. It could be the missing key our investigators need to solve these cases.

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Picture of Travon Richie
Travon Richie
Murdered 04/08/2019
Picture of Mario Fox
Mario Fox
Murdered 03/05/2018
Picture of Tyrell Thompson
Tyrell Thompson
Murdered 06/09/2016
Picture of Ramon Gibbs
Ramon Gibbs
Murdered 07/04/2019
Picture of Linell Brinson
Linell Brinson
Murdered 10/28/2017
Picture of Antonio Martin
Antonio Martin
Murdered 11/03/2021
Picture of Moy'e Elkins
Moy'e Elkins
Murdered 01/13/2021
Picture of Rashad Farmer
Rashad Farmer
Murdered 07/13/2015
Picture of Whitney Brown
Whitney Brown
Murdered 08/13/2015

Picture of Dwayne Wysinger
Dwayne Wysinger
Murdered 08/14/2021
Picture of Demetris Thomas
Demetris Thomas
Murdered 09/20/2021
Picture of Larry Harris
Larry Harris
Murdered 09/20/2021
**Coming Soon**
Picture of Richard Walters
Richard Walters
Murdered 10/02/2021
**Coming Soon**
Picture of Andar Smith
Andar Smith
Murdered 12/28/2021
**Coming Soon**
Picture of Tieryn Dilworth
Tieryn Dilworth
Murdered 05/25/2019
Picture of Tony Brown
Tony Brown
Murdered 7/15/2022
**Coming Soon**
Picture of Montez Haines
Montez Haines
Murdered 7/09/2022
**Coming Soon**
Picture of JamarAdams
Jamar Adams
Murdered 8/02/2022
**Coming Soon**
Picture of Kristopher Blanton
Kristopher Blanton
Murdered 8/21/2022
**Coming Soon**
Picture of Jahshua Foster
Jahshua Foster
Murdered 8/22/2022
**Coming Soon**
Picture of Damion Baker
Damion Baker
Murdered 7/03/2022

Little Jane Doe – 02/28/83


Tips on these homicides or any unsolved homicide can be submitted directly to our Homicide Division by sending an email to homicidecoldcase@slmpd.org or you can call the Homicide Division directly at 314-444-5371.

Anyone with a tip who wants to remain anonymous and is interested in a reward can contact CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS (8477) or visit their website. CrimeStoppers