Environmental Investigations Unit

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The Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department Environmental Investigations Unit (E.I.U.) was established in 2010. This unit responds to illegal dumping and related environmental complaints within St. Louis City limits. The unit is comprised of 12 Investigative Detectives. These highly trained and specialized investigators analyze over 200 alleyway camera systems in an effort to enforce various environmental violations. The camera systems operate on solar and have a low carbon footprint. E.I.U. Investigators, while reviewing camera data assist various St. Louis Police units with their investigations, I.E. Burglary, Auto Theft and Robbery Squads.

Additionally, the E.I.U. Unit investigates cases involving The Environmental Protection Agency and The Department of Natural Resources. The Environmental Investigations Unit is part of a city-wide effort with the City Streets, Refuse and The Health Department to maintain a high quality of life for its residents and business owners. The Environmental Investigations Unit Detectives, in an effort to educate the community on the importance of proper refuse disposal attend city neighborhood meetings.

Contact CSB using any one of the following options:

  • Online: Use the Request a City Service web-based form.
  • By Phone: Call 314-622-4800 Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.
  • By Fax: Fax all information required to 314-622-4310.
  • Using Twitter: Tweet using the @stlcsb [twitter.com] handle.
  • By e-mail: send an e-mail to us at csb@stlouis-mo.gov

If you know of an active dumping location please contact our city partner, The Citizens Service Bureau by calling, 314-622-4800, a reward up to $100 for cases that lead to a conviction are available.